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Southern Mama • Working Writer

Our Drive, Chip and Putt Story

Golf is known for the heartbreaking lows, whirlwind highs, and the days of grinding away while no one else is watching. In some cases it becomes a sport where a literal half an inch can seal the victory — or the defeat. Nothing illustrates this journey better than the...

Behind the Scenes – the Work Day of a Freelance Writer

You’ve heard my story of how I transitioned from my day job in corporate sales to life as a full-time freelance writer. Today I’d like to share exactly what I do on a daily basis. Is it as fascinating as what Stephen King or J.K. Rowling accomplish each day? Nope, not...

Future Junior Golfer in Your Family? Check Out These Resources

Ahhh, junior golf. At first glance you may be totally surprised at this choice of topic, however, I’m definitely the mom of a junior golfer (and football player and dancer) and this is a huge part of our lives right now. As our son’s passion for golf has developed,...

8 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Writing

This post may contain affiliate links.    When was the last time we thought about the physical act of writing? I know for me, even though my job title is WRITER, I still struggle to physically write something versus typing it out or texting. Imagine how our kids must...

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I’m a full-time published writer and children’s book author with years of experience writing on numerous topics. I’m based in Augusta, Georgia and work with clients from across the globe.

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Creative & Blog Writing

Specializing in blogs, articles, newsletters, and other content needs for blogs and businesses. I’m a research nerd and love to dive into new topics!

SEO Strategy

The Proper Pen can include your keywords and incorporate other appropriate SEO best practices into articles. If your goal is to rank, then let’s chat!


Content Review

With years of experience writing on numerous topics, I have the skillset to provide an effective review of your website’s content, and can provide effective changes.

Content Strategy

Partner with your business to discuss content goals, timing, and messaging. There are lots of ideas out there. Let’s narrow these down and work with you on strategy.

Email Sequence

Need help crafting the best message for your email sequence?  Whether it’s to launch a product or introduce a new feature, let an email sequence create urgency and excitement.


Let me bring your voice to your story. I have years of experience as a ghostwriter and continue to offer this service to clients. Whether it’s blogs or books, let’s work together.

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